Newsweek Applauds Kim & Jimmy; Bustle Touts Kim's Prominence on Saul

This week, Newsweek applauds Kim and Jimmy, while Bustle touts Kim's prominence on the show. Plus, Indiewire is a fan of the drama of Jimmy's evolution. Read on for more:

Newsweek declares that the "relationship between Kim and Jimmy is television’s most intriguing and satisfying affair."

Bustle declares that Better Call Saul is "just as much about Kim Wexler as it is about either of its main men — and the writers couldn't have made a better decision."

Indiewire proclaims, "Jimmy's halting evolution, matching each step forward with another step back, brings [Bob] Odenkirk, and the style of Better Call Saul, nearer to drama — which may be an advantage for the actor in this year's Emmy race."

• Aaron Paul tells Vulture about possibly revisiting Better Call Saul as Jesse: "We've talked about it on multiple occasions and I think it would be fun to put on the shoes again. But with that said, for me, as an actor it's time to go in a different direction."

Bustle asks if Better Call Saul fans will "be able to see what happened to Hector Salamanca and why he's in a wheelchair? We can only hope to be so lucky."

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