Jimmy's Legal Skills Explained by Saul Writer; Michael McKean Interviewed by TV Guide

This week, Jimmy's legal skills are discussed by Gordon Smith, a Better Call Saul writer, while Michael McKean is interviewed by TV Guide. Plus, the show's editor speaks with Variety about working with Vince Gilligan. Read on for more:

• Gordon Smith, who wrote the latest episode, "RICO," talks to Yahoo TV about Jimmy's legal skills: "People think of the slick part of Jimmy and Saul, and not the fact that he’s actually a really good lawyer. We’ve seen him in Breaking Bad and, hopefully, here...picking up on things that are sometimes subtle."

• Michael McKean tells TV Guide he doesn't know what's going to happen to Chuck, but "let's face it: I'm a dilemma to our lead character, and it's only going to get worse." [No link]

Variety talks to Kelley Dixon, editor for Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, about the detailed scripts that inform the spinoff.

• During a panel discussion attended by The Guardian and Deadline, Vince Gilligan reveals, "I worried all through Season 1 that we weren't getting to Saul Goodman fast enough," adding, "now I've come around 180 degrees and I'm thinking 'God, I don’t want to get to Saul too quick', I love Jimmy McGill so much."

Los Angeles thinks that Saul "triumphs as a creation of character...that is richer than anybody in American film this past year short of Birdman's over-the-hill actor (played by Michael Keaton)."

The Late Late Show's new host, James Corden, reveals to Vulture that Bob Odenkirk will be a guest during the program's fourth show, along with David Beckham and Claire Danes.

Bustle examines the latest episode for callbacks to Breaking Bad, including Jimmy's law school diploma.

Geeks of Doom watches AMC's behind-the-scenes featurette for "RICO" and a video discussing the episode's most talked-about scene.

Uproxx compiles Saul's best advice for getting viewers "out of any situation."

Forbes talks up Albuquerque as a vacation destination, partly because of the chance to see some Better Call Saul sights, such as Tuco's lair, the restaurant where Jimmy meets clients and Jimmy's watering hole.

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