Follow the Rise and Fall of the White Family In These Breaking Bad Episodes

When Skyler White learned that her husband Walter had cancer, she thought that was the worst of her problems. Instead, she would come to find out that the father of her children was much more than just a high school chemistry teacher. And even though Walt claimed he did what he did to protect his family, all he ultimately did was destroy it. Relive the rise and inevitable fall of the White family in this specially curated collection of Breaking Bad episodes.

“…And the Bag’s in the River” (Season 1, Episode 3)

While Walt debates whether or not he has to kill Krazy-8, a witness to Walt's meth operation who remains tied up in the basement after nearly escaping, he's forced to call Skyler to tell her he'll be late. Not yet seasoned at deceiving his wife, it doesn't take long for Skyler to catch Walt in his lies.

"Phoenix," (Season 2, Episode 12)

Building a secret drug empire means setting priorities On the night Skyler is giving birth to her and Walt's new daughter, Walt is out delivering an order of meth that promises a big payday. While that money would be a big help to the new parents, half of it belongs to Jesse, whose new girlfriend threatens Walt if he doesn't hand over what he owes Jesse. Although Walt goes "out for diapers" to solve the problem, things take a much more dramatic turn than Walt could have expected.

"I.F.T." (Season 3, Episode 3)

Once Skyler learns Walt's secret, she kicks him out of the house.  So, when he shows up for a family night, Skyler calls the cops. But they can't force Walt to leave unless he's been physically violent since he and Skyler are not divorced or separated. With few options left, Skyler finally tells someone the truth -- her lawyer.

"Fifty One" (Season 5, Episode 4)

It's Walt's birthday, and Skyler reluctantly goes through the motions of celebrating for the sake of Walter Jr. But she has plans of her own and pulls a stunt to get her kids away from Walt for good. Now, it's just Skyler and Walt, husband and wife, alone in the house together.

"Ozymandias," (Season 5, Episode 14)

Hank has what he needs to arrest Walt. As Marie goes to inform Skyler of the impending arrest, she has no idea of the danger Walt has put Hank in. Now at the mercy of Marie, Skyler finally tells Walter Jr. what his father has been up to. So when Skyler and Walter Jr. arrive back home, they're shocked to see not only is Walt not under arrest, but he's also packing. As tensions build, the cracks in the family finally become too much and everything falls apart in heartbreaking fashion.

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