Bob Odenkirk Talks Better Call Saul Timeline With Extra; Michael Mando Teases Season 5 to WFSB

This week, Bob Odenkirk speculates about Better Call Saul's timeline with Extra, while Michael Mando teases Season 5 to WFSB. Plus, quotes Odenkirk talking about wanting Walter White to appear on the show. Read on for more:

• Interviewed by Extra, Bob Odenkirk explains he hopes Better Call Saul will get "one more year… there’s a couple of stories to wrap up because they tell the story after the sequence of Breaking Bad, so there is a lot to tell."

• Speaking with WFSB, Michael Mando says, "We wrapped Season 5 four days ago and this is our most magical season. Everything came together so beautifully this season."

• According to, Bob Odenkirk tells Variety he would want Bryan Cranston to guest star on Better Call Saul and play Walter White, saying, "I would love to see him show up in the show. We’ll see, maybe, I don’t know."

Cinema Blend spotlights an Instagram post from Michael Mando, where he calls Season 5 "hands down our most special" and alludes to this "most challenging year both on and off camera, as well as the most spiritually rewarding."

• Talking Better Call Saul, Keiko Agena tells The Knockturnal, "I just have to give a great shout out to Rhea Seehorn and Bob Odenkirk who I get to watch work on that show and they are phenomenal. I mean, just really, really phenomenal it’s just a joy and a pleasure to um, to get to watch them work and everybody should see that show."

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