AMC Premiere Guide

Is AMC Premiere a TV channel?

AMC Premiere is not a standalone service, so you won’t find it in your list of live TV channels. Instead, you can find it in the On Demand section of your Xfinity cable box menu, on Xfinity Stream mobile app, or

What content is available on AMC Premiere?

All currently available shows are viewable in the AMC mobile apps, on, and Xfinity Stream mobile app, or through your Xfinity cable box.

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When are episodes available?

Episodes are usually available on demand at the same time they air on live TV. Some AMC shows, such as Talking Dead, may be broadcast live. These live shows become available on AMC Premiere ad-free, usually early the next day.

How do I sign in to AMC Premiere?

Subscribers can sign in to AMC Premiere the same way they currently sign in to watch AMC on, AMC mobile apps, and Xfinity sites and apps - you can sign in using your regular Xfinity username and password.

On what devices can I access AMC Premiere?

Watch on AMC mobile apps, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku,, or find AMC Premiere in the On Demand section of your Xfinity TV cable box, Xfinity Stream mobile app, or

Can I download episodes from AMC Premiere?

Yes. At this time, you can access temporary downloads for shows on AMC Premiere through the Xfinity Stream mobile app only.

Can I watch AMC Premiere on my TV?

You can watch AMC Premiere on your TV through your Xfinity cable box. Coming soon: AMC apps for Apple TV and Roku.

Why is AMC Premiere not available on

AMC Premiere is coming soon to, as well as apps such as Apple TV, and Roku. You can watch AMC Premiere now on AMC mobile apps, Xfinity Stream mobile app,, and on your TV through your Xfinity cable box.

Does AMC Premiere offer closed-captioned episodes?

You can always count on AMC originals being closed-captioned on whatever device you use. AMC is committed to providing closed captioning for our hearing-impaired viewers.

Can I watch Talking Dead on AMC Premiere?

Yes. Most episodes of Talking Dead are included ad-free, same time as broadcast on TV. However, some episodes of Talking Dead are broadcast live from the studio, so it is not possible to include ad-free in AMC Premiere until later, usually early the next day. To watch live, tune in to AMC.

Why do some shows have ads?

For AMC Premiere customers watching on AMC mobile apps, most AMC shows are upgraded to their ad-free versions. There are very limited exceptions, where only the ad-supported version of a show is available and there is no AMC Premiere version. It will always be clearly communicated if a show or episode contains ad breaks.

Where can I get support for my AMC Premiere account?

For billing inquiries, subscription questions, login problems, or problems associated with your cable box, your best contact is Xfinity customer care, at

How do I unsubscribe?

Xfinity customers can unsubscribe through their Xfinity account online.

How can I provide feedback?

For any comments or suggestions please contact us directly at

I have a question about AMC Premiere that is not listed here. What should I do?

You can contact AMC at

If your question is about your account, please contact Xfinity Customer Care directly online at

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