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Catch Jaws On Air and Online During AMC’s Jaws-a-Thon

Kick off the long holiday weekend by staying out of the water: On Wednesday, July 2 beginning at 10AM/9c, you can catch all four movies in the Jaws franchise during Jaws-a-Thon on AMC. Plus, more Jaws fun online will make you appreciate your time on dry land even more…


How long is the Amity Island beach closed as a precaution against shark attacks? Test your Jaws knowledge. Play now!


Jaws Movies
Which Jaws is the best of the four shark films? Vote now!

Horror Movie Soundtracks
The Jaws theme had audiences at the edge of their seats. What other movie soundtracks had you biting your nails? Vote now!

Steven Spielberg’s Best Movies
Jaws has secured a spot in the top five. Think it should be No. 1? Vote now!

AMC’s Jaws-a-Thon begins this Wednesday, July 2 at 10am/9c.

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