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Four Ways to Spend the Day After Christmas With The Godfather‘s Corleone Family

The holidays are a time for family. So spend the day after Christmas with one of Hollywood’s most notorious clans: The Godfather‘s Corleones. Here are offers you can’t refuse…

1.Watch The Godfather After-Christmas Marathon: Starting Thu., Dec. 26 at 9AM, catch all three movies in the greatest mob trilogy ever on AMC. See full schedule.

2. Play The Godfather Ultimate Fan Games: Test your knowledge of The Godfather, The Godfather, Part II, The Godfather, Part III as well as The Godfather Trilogy

3. Rank The Godfather Movies and Gangsters: Help decide which Godfather movie is the best of them all then vote on which gangster in the trilogy is your favorite.

4. Get Schooled in The Godfather Lore: Find out ten things you didn’t know about the Corleone family saga. Then read up on Francis Ford Coppola’s mob masterpiece in detail.

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