Freakshow Interviews With the Cast

Curious about the AMC original series Freakshow? One way to learn more about it is to check out’s interviews with the cast. Below is a sampling of what the members of the Freakshow family had to say — click on each cast member’s name to read their entire Q&A.

“I’ve found that if you seek out the wonders of the universe, the doors open and they seem to be waiting on you.” — Todd Ray

“I’m a nervous wreck whenever everybody does their stunts. I’m the one who always worries about everything: ‘Are you saving your money?’ Did you guys eat?'” — Danielle Ray

“I love when children say things, like ‘Mommy, she’s magic!’ I love keeping that feeling in people, because sometimes as people get older, they lose their faith in magic.” — Asia Ray

“The other day I was at the kitchen counter, eating a bowl of cereal next to a pig with its brain outside of its head.” — Phoenix Ray

“A lot of other people that work at the Freakshow like to shock people with their talents. Sword-swallowing. Fire-eating. But I like to, by being in this little body, make people stop and think that you can really accomplish anything you set your mind to.” — Amazing Ali

“The biggest challenge is living life in a world that people think as
being ‘normal’ relative to their stature and their size. I live my life just as
they do. The difference is I’m just living life a little taller than
most people. ” — George Bell

“My body becomes an expression of time. It’s like a piece of work that’s not done, it’s always evolving. I’m constantly creating something new in myself.” — Marcus “The Creature”

“The first weird stunt I learned, when I was like 11 or 12, was putting razor blades in my mouth. I would put a length of string in my mouth as well, and then tie them together through the holes in the razor blades.” — Morgue

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