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Terminator and Dutch Go to War in Tourney of Arnold Schwarzenegger Characters

For four decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been taking on tough guys (and girls) on the big screen: warlords (Conan the Barbarian), aliens (Predator), kidnappers (Commando) and even fellow Terminators (Terminator 2 and 3). In fact, other than getting his butt kicked by two guys in tights (Batman & Robin) and a waitress in the original Terminator, Arnold has managed to stay fairly invincible. So what would happen if Arnold took on Arnold? Does the Terminator‘s man of metal have what it takes to obliterate someone like Dutch? Or John Matrix? It’s time to find out…


Don’t miss Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Predator on Sat., Dec. 1, starting at 5/4c.

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