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Think You Know Commando? Eraser? David Caruso? Prove It With These New Trivia Games

What do Arnold Schwarzenegger and CSI: Miami‘s David Caruso have in common? They both starred with Danny DeVito in Twins. But how much do you know about their careers besides that? We challenge you to find out.

CSI: Miami
Series debut Mon., Jan. 2, at 5PM I 4C
David Caruso wasn’t a shoo-in for playing the role of Horatio Caine. Guess which eighties TV star was also considered for the lead role.


Airs Wed., Jan. 4, at 8PM I 7C
Everyone knows “I’ll be back,” but what was supposed to be Arnold’s catchphrase in this action movie?


Airs Wed., Jan. 5, at 8PM I 7C
Commando marks the beginning of Schwarzenegger’s career as a full-fledged action star. The flick was also supposed to be a prequel to what blockbuster?


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