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The Greatest Westerns of the Greatest Onscreen Cowboys Like Duvall, the Duke, Etc.

Could you imagine Unforgiven without Clint Eastwood? The Searchers without John Wayne? Or The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance without James Stewart? These men define the Westerns they inhabit. With onscreen cowboys this iconic, the only real question is which Western roles constitute their greatest achievements? Below is a list of actors who helped define the genre. Take a moment now to vote on which movie best defined their careers.

Charles Bronson’s Greatest Westerns
Clint Eastwood’s Greatest Westerns
Gregory Peck’s Greatest Westerns
Jimmy Stewart’s Greatest Westerns
John Wayne’s Greatest Westerns
Robert Duvall’s Greatest Westerns
Tommy Lee Jones’s Greatest Westerns

And after you’ve voted, be sure to mark your calendar for the premiere of AMC’s new Western series, Hell on Wheels, this Sun., at 10PM | 9C.

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