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Which Movie Monster Are You? The Results Are In!

Over 100,000 people have taken the Which Movie Monster Are You? Personality Test already and discovered whether they’re a King Kong or a Mummy or something else. What they haven’t learned (until now) is exactly what everyone else turned out to be. Well, the results have been compiled and the good news is that thanks to watching AMC The Walking Dead, most people are able to avoid being turned into zombies.

Which Movie Monster Are You Personality Quiz Results

1. Dracula: 20.9%
2. Alien: 13.61%
3. The Mummy: 13.36%
4. Godzilla: 10.88%
5. Satan: 9.95%
6. Frankenstein’s Monster: 7.89%
7. King Kong: 6.35%
8. Predator: 6.34%
9. Werewolf: 6.34%
10. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: 2.45%
11. Zombie: 1.93%

Want to take another crack at finding out which movie monster you’re most like? Haven’t found out yet?


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