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Video – The Real Mobsters Behind GoodFellas and Casino on Life With the Mob

How does a mobster know when he’s going to be whacked? How tough is the decision to become a rat? These are just a couple of the questions answered by two former mobsters — Henry Hill and Frank Cullotta — as well as Johnny Fratto, the son of a prominent mobster himself. In these intimate roundtables, Hill, Cullotta and Fratto discuss doing time, becoming a “made guy,” and picking a different profession (if they hadn’t been in the mafia). If you’re doubting their credentials, note that Hill and Cullotta were inspirations behind GoodFellas and Casino. See what they have to say when they get to be on-screen themselves.


Don’t miss GoodFellas — part of AMC’s Mob Week — on AMC Sat., Aug. 6 at 8PM | 7C. Click here for full schedule.

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