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The Mad Max Fashion Show Gives the Final Verdict on the Hairdos of Tina Turner and Mel Gibson

The Mad Max movies are fondly remembered for their outlandishly creative fashions. How could they not be? In this franchise’s postapocalyptic world, football gear is dressed up with feathers, pants are exchanged for studded codpieces, and scrap-metal earrings look pretty good, thanks to Tina Turner. This Mad Max Fashion Show spotlights the best stylings from Mel Gibson’s most memorable sci-fi movies. Whether you’re checking out the Best Underwear As Outerwear or the Worst Hairdo, here’s one red carpet you’ll never forget.


Don’t miss all the crazy fashions in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome tonight, Wed., Aug. 17, at 8PM | 7C and 11PM | 10C.

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