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Eight Kurt Russell Characters Enter, But Only One Will Survive – Who’s It Gonna Be?

Tight T-shirts, leather jackets, a growl of a voice, and plenty of wisecracking to boot. Is there anyone like Kurt Russell? No — and that’s why we’re pitting him against himself in a tournament of his toughest roles. He can survive a postapocalyptic Manhattan (Escape From New York); stand up to aliens and wormholes (Stargate); win a high-noon showdown (Tombstone); and conquer the most dangerous beast known to man: fire (Backdraft). He’s got the guns (both kinds) and the guts to win against any enemy. But this time, it’s down to Russell versus Russell versus Russell. So who you got?


Check out Russell in Big Trouble in Little China on Thu., Jul. 14, at 5PM | 4C.

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