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Arnold vs. Schwarzenegger – The Ultimate Tough-Guy Tournament


Hollywood he-men are a dime a dozen, from the marquee names to the B-movie also-rans. But Arnold Schwarzenegger is in a class by himself. He’s Conan. He’s the Terminator. He faced off against the Predator and took on Batman. He isn’t a one-man army — he’s a one-man war zone. So whom better to pit against Arnold than, well, Arnold. We’ve assembled eight incarnations of the muscled one, but your votes will decide which one is the last Arnold standing. Round one pits primitive warrior Conan — a guy so tough he does battle in his leather underwear — against Commando‘s Special Forces operative, John Matrix, who takes out swarms of mercenaries the way ordinary people swat flies. They’re both big, bad bruisers, but only one can win. Who’s your pick?


Don’t miss our Arnold Schwarzenegger marathon on Sun., Mar. 13, starting with End of Days, at 9:15AM | 8:15C.

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