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Batmobile Goes Bumper to Bumper With DeLorean in Virtual Race of Cool Movie Cars

Americans love cars. They even place them front and center on the silver screen sometimes. (Human actors get so boring after a while.) Take the lipstick-red 1961 Ferrari in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: the life and death of that shiny machine sends Cameron on a journey of self-discovery. And how about the 1966 Thunderbird in Thelma & Louise? That convertible becomes a vehicle of female liberation. Other cars are iconic (the Batman Begins Batmobile) or supersonic (Back to the Future‘s DeLorean) and even ironic (Austin Powers‘s Shaguar). But which set of wheels is the coolest of all? Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.


From Mon., Dec. 27, through Fri., Dec. 31, the entire Back to the Future trilogy airs every night on AMC.

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