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Web Stalker – Friday the 13th Star Travis Van Winkle Finds Fans Clamoring for the Remake, and the Shirt Off His Back

Friday the 13th Star Travis Van Winkle Finds Fans Clamoring for the Remake, and the Shirt Off His Back” width=”560″/>

At one time, Jason might have belonged to his momma, but now he belongs to his fans. Perhaps that’s why the folks who usually roll their eyes at remakes are running hot for the new Friday the 13th coming out in February. That includes Travis Van Winkle, one of the movie’s stars. He hasn’t seen the finished result yet, but he’s dying to. “I’ve heard so much from (producers) Andrew Form and Brad Fuller about how much they love it, and how this is the best film they’ve ever made,” he says. “And I think is their seventh horror film… so for them to say that this is their best one makes it so hard to wait!”

Van Winkle, who revisited many of the movies before filming began,
admits that though they still give him the creeps, some things just
don’t stand the test of time. “Anytime I watch movies from the ’80s
now, they just make me laugh. Like Kevin Bacon’s outfit — he wore
these little baby booty shorts!” he says. “But during his sex scene in
the movie, there’s that shot with he gets the machete through the
bottom of the bed — that was still a shocker!”

Van Winkle’s brushes with the fan universe have left him awed by the
people who take their love for the franchise even further. “I had
somebody write the other day through my website
about how excited he was about this movie… He says he has three Jason
tattoos,” says the actor. “I thought, now that’s a fan!” That guy would
feel right at home within the gallery of hockey mask tattoos over at The eight galleries of costumes shouldn’t surprise anyone too much, but that there’s a separate area for sculptures tells you there is practically no limit to the depths of Friday fandom.
It’s no wonder that Van Winkle has trouble hanging onto the very
clothes on his back. “I have some T-shirts that I got from the job,” he
comments. “People stop me — they say, ‘Where’d you get that? I want
that,’…I haven’t had many people asking for spoilers or anything yet,
mostly just expressing excitement for the movie — and wanting my

The fan base will stop at nothing to get the definitive experience — even starting their own summer camp. While they may revere each and every actor to ever have played Jason, the one thing that most fans don’t get to do is be chased by him, for real.
Van Winkle has them all beat, since playing Trent, one of the bright
young things that discovers a boarded up Camp Crystal Lake, put him
right in the line of fire. Van Winkle remembers the exact moment when
the significance finally sunk in. “It was the first time that the mask
had been revealed,” he says. “Jason was holding the machete out toward
one of the actors, and as I watched, I got the chills and thought,
‘Holy sh–… this is really happening!'” Turns out he wasn’t alone —
within a few minutes others in the cast expressed the same feeling. “We
all kind of just lost it, because it was suddenly so real. And I think
that excitement carried through the entire movie.”

While February still seems pretty far off, promotion will soon be going full bore, meaning you can expect more than production stills to satisfy your fix.”When the teaser airs before Saw V — and, I think, during the Scream Awards
— everyone’s going to wish they were about to watch that instead,”
says Van Winkle. “It’s sick. I think it’s gonna kick people in the
face.” If the fans enjoy that sensation, then the remake, which
combines plot elements from the first three Friday films, may make more
than all three of those films combined. Van Winkle points out that the
top-grossing Friday the 13th movie made $40 million dollars, adding with a laugh: “I hope we can pass that bar!”

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