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Monsterfest Blog Begone


In the spirit of Halloween, this blog has a new look and name. It’s all just in time for AMC Fearfest, which will air from October 24 to 31 and for the entire month online. Visit the Fearfest site (coming soon) for a tournament of scream queens, a photo essay on Frankenstein, and four online movies streamed in their entirety. Want to make a one-minute horror movie and win $4,000? Check back here for details.

UPDATE: Regarding the change in the name of this blog to Horror Hacker (formerly Monsterfest), we’ve decided to give the blog its own unique name as a way to recognize that it is for more than the month of October (though it remains that too). Horror Hacker is a year-round horror movie blog with daily posts, features and columnists.

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