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Basia Bulat’s Sense of Play


Growing up, musician Basia Bulat’s family radio was tuned to one station — local oldies. Raised on a steady diet of Motown and Stax, and with a piano teacher mom, it’s no surprise she segued into a musical career herself, having picked up the autoharp, banjo and the flute (among others) along the way.

Her sound has a sense of wonder and play, and when it comes to movies, her choices are as eclectic as her instrumental know-how.  Play It Again, Sam is a favorite. Here are some others:

All-Time Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp

All-Time Favorite Actress: Jennifer Connelly

Movie Character I’d Love to Be: Alice
from Alice in Wonderland

Movie Line I Quote Frequently: “Airport Hojo!” from Drop
Dead Gorgeous

First Screen Crush: Michael Schoeffling (Jake Ryan from Sixteen

Most Unforgettable Movie Scene: The Entirety of Labyrinth

Best Use of Music in a Movie Scene: The Soundtrack for Harold
And Maude

To find out more about Basia Bulat, go here.

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