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Greydon Clark’s Website


Satan’s Sadists. Satan’s Cheerleaders. Dracula vs. Frankenstein. Psychic Killer. These are just some of the classic, killer B horror movies lensed or written by Greydon Clark in the 1970s and 1980s. Now, Clark has launched his own Web site filled with posters, stills, and videos — long ones, not just snippets. If you purchase anything from his store, he’ll autograph the item for you. But wait, in Ron Popiel fashion, there’s more. If you order a poster or DVD, you also get two glossy photos.

Merchandising aside, Clark’s blog posts are skimpy. Where are the thoughtful anecdotes, the great stories of low-budget horror filmmaking? He probably amassed enough tales for a book the size of Duma Key, after all.

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