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Horror Movies That Should Be Games

Rose Today at the influential video game blog Kotaku, Michael McWhertor opines that most recent movies turned into games weren’t all that. So he’s penned a post entitled "Missed Movie Licensing Opportunities of 2007." Much of the missed ops are horror-related. Of 28 Weeks Later , he says, "A game that is in parts zombie killing and parts weaponless survival horror could help to provide a nice alternative to Capcom’s zombie monopoly." As to The Host, McWhertor envisions some fairly spectacular monsters. But McWhertor forgets one big one: The Mist. That movie would make for a fairly involved interactive adventure; after all, the book was the basis of the Silent Hill series of games. Yes, you’d have to add more killing of creepy beasts but so what? Shooting is the staple of most hardcore games. Which horror movie are you still waiting to undergo XBox conversion?

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