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A Confidential Letter From Handler (Ben Tallmadge) to Agent (Abraham Woodhull)

My Dear Friend,

It is my sincerest wish that I could be with you in person to speak with you about this important turn of events. However, circumstances of the war force me to remain close to the front and use our most trusted courier to deliver this news.

After no small amount of persuasion, it seems that I have been granted the opportunity to usher our grand experiment into a more pivotal role in this war. It is with both eagerness and trepidation that I inform you that you are at the center of this bold plan.

The discretion I bear is a result of the hesitancy I know you still feel about becoming more involved in this fight. I know how dangerous this could be for you. You have a wife and a child to bear in mind, which I understand. Yet I know you understand that this is an undertaking that will, in the end, be well worth the discomfort that it may bring.

Ever since York Island was lost to us and the Royal Army stormed into our hometown, I knew that it was my duty to do all I could to drive them out. Now, Washington has granted me official latitude to form a chain of agents to gather intelligence and bring light to the places that have gone dark to us. With his sanction comes the knowledge that what is at stake is bigger than all of us. Know that I speak true when I say that you are the only one I trust to carry out this mission. You are the key to unlocking everything.

It seems so long since the last time I saw you, in that dank prison cell, when you first reluctantly agreed to step up and help our cause. The prospects for victory seem bleak. Yet that can all change because of your courage and strength. That night, in that cell, I had the utmost faith that you would fight for what you believe in. My confidence remains unwavering now.

The road that we are embarking upon is treacherous, but we will be on it together, united once again despite the distance between us. We know what we are fighting for. A world where we can all live without fear of a capricious king. A world where freedom is not simply a word, but as essential to our everyday lives as the air that we breathe.

We will fight this battle together, no matter where the road leads us. Not just for our town and our homes, or for the loved ones we hold most dear.

We will fight this fight for ourselves.

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