Burn Gorman as Major Hewlett, Heather Lind as Anna Strong - TURN: Washington’s Spies _ Season 3, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

Season 3, Episode 3


Peggy manipulates Benedict Arnold into contacting the British. Caleb sets an ambush for Simcoe. Anna tries to save Major Hewlett's life.

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Full Recap

Caleb Brewster arrives on the shores of Rocky Point with a team of Continental
Army militiamen.

In Setauket, Captain John Graves Simcoe prepares his men to ride to Rocky Point and hunt down Samuel Culper.

Caleb storms Daniel Beekman's manor - or Culper's house, as Simcoe has been told by Major Hewlett. Beekman recognizes Caleb from childhood.

Robert Rogers secretly watches Simcoe depart Setauket with his Queen's Rangers.

At Whitehall, Anna Strong tells Mary Woodhull that Abe Woodhull plans to kill Major Hewlett and continue spying, despite Hewlett's decision to grant Abe amnesty in exchange for leaving Setauket. She asks Mary to dissuade Abe from killing Hewlett, but Mary stands by Abe's decision.

In General Washington's camp, Reverend Worthington tells Ben Tallmadge that he's leaving camp to visit his hometown church in New Jersey. Ben offers to send a safety escort but Worthington assures Ben he will be fine.

Ben changes into plain clothes and follows Worthington.

Anna paces around her room, thinking of ways to save Hewlett's life. She begins composing a letter.

Downstairs, Anna tells Hewlett that she accepts his marriage proposal but cannot marry him in Setauket. She produces her forged letter from Selah Strong, requesting a divorce and forcing her to confess to adultery with Abe. She insists they marry in Scotland so that Hewlett will not be blemished by her adulterous past. Hewlett agrees.

Ben follows Worthington into the woods and watches Worthington leave a note at a dead drop. Ben holds Worthington at gunpoint and forces him to read the note out loud. The letter reveals the location of Washington's next camp. Ben shoots Worthington.

Benedict Arnold shows off Penn Mansion to the Shippen family and informs them that the charges brought against him by Joseph Reed have been dismissed. Officer Neddy Burd pays them an unexpected visit and informs Betsy Shippen, Peggy Shippen's older sister, that her letters gave him hope while he was held captive. Peggy realizes that Arnold arranged for Neddy's relocation to Philadelphia so that Neddy could marry Betsy, thus allowing Arnold to marry Peggy.

At Abe's farm, Anna informs Abe that he no longer needs to kill Hewlett as she plans to marry him in England. Abe protests and asks if she's in love with Hewlett. "I love him enough to save his life," she says.

Ben drags Worthington's body into a nearby river. Lieutenant Gamble, who was Worthington's contact, discovers Ben and knocks him unconscious.

Caleb and his men wait for Simcoe at Beekman's home. Beekman and his wife are gagged and bound.

Anna, Mary, Hewlett and Richard Woodhull dine at Whitehall. Hewlett defends Anna after Richard snaps at her, then announces that they are engaged. Richard accuses Hewlett of letting Abe off the hook in exchange for Anna's hand in marriage, then leaves the room. Mary excuses herself. An incensed Hewlett nixes the Scotland plans and tells Anna that they will marry in Setauket.

Simcoe and his Rangers arrive at Beekman's home, anticipating an ambush, and catch Caleb's men off guard. Caleb's decimated team flees into the woods. As a Ranger prepares to shoot Caleb point-blank, a shot rings out, killing the Ranger: It was Rogers. Caleb escapes on his boat with one surviving soldier. Meanwhile, Simcoe orders his men to flank Rogers.

At Penn Mansion, Arnold hosts a celebration of Neddy's return and his own exoneration. Betsy chats with Peggy and wonders if Neddy is going to propose.

Arnold encourages Neddy to marry Betsy immediately. Neddy worries that he lacks the means to support her, but Arnold says he has already arranged a law clerkship for Neddy. Arnold turns to his guest Joseph Reed and tells him to stop seeing demons where there are none.

Peggy urges Betsy to delay the wedding until spring or summer, but Betsy is reluctant to delay what could possibly be her only chance at marriage.

At dinner, Arnold invites Neddy to make an announcement. As Neddy begins his proposal to Betsy, Arnold reads an urgent letter from Washington and abruptly leaves the dinner table. Peggy follows him out.

In the hallway, Arnold angrily tells Peggy that Congress has referred the charges against him back to a court martial. He instantly blames Joseph Reed.

Simcoe and his men hunt down Rogers in the woods. Rogers takes a Ranger hostage and orders the other Rangers to lower their guns. When they don't comply, Simcoe suggests they settle things with hand-to-hand combat. Simcoe slashes Roberts in the eye. As Roberts crawls away, Simcoe wonders why Roberts returned to Long Island and deduces that Roberts is Culper. Roberts opens his gunpowder horn, pounds a stone with his axe and ignites the gunpowder with flying sparks. He escapes in the ensuing explosion.

Ben awakes and finds himself bound and slung over a horse. Gamble explains that he's taking Ben to John André. Ben slaps the horse and sends it bolting through the woods. Ben eventually falls off the horse.

Peggy escorts the dinner guests out of Penn Mansion after telling them that Arnold's sister has fallen sick.

Peggy finds Arnold hurling objects in a bedroom. He explains that he expected more loyalty and support from Washington. "If only they knew what I could do to them," he says. Peggy tells Arnold about a British officer she once met, John André, who had encouraged her to tell him if she ever ran into a disillusioned patriot. "If your friends won't appreciate you, Benedict, then perhaps his will," she says.

Abe tucks Thomas into bed at the cabin. At Whitehall, Richard sadly gazes at one of Thomas's toys.

An injured Ben runs through the woods.