Caleb Brewster
  • A vital member of the Culper Ring, Caleb acts as a courier, constantly putting himself at risk by relaying messages between Abe and Ben. Though very little intimidates him, Caleb was shaken to his core last season when Captain Simcoe executed his uncle right in front of him during the Battle of Setauket. Normally a man who relishes action, Caleb had advised Ben to wait before rushing headlong into battle and now harbors resentment towards him for his rash decision. Vowing revenge on Simcoe, he buries the rage he feels towards Ben, but his anger can only be held down for so long.

  • Daniel Henshall is best known for his work in Justin Kurzel's critically-acclaimed The Snowtown Murders. Daniel's performance, among other honors, earned him the 2012 AACTA Award for Best Actor (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts).

    Henshall has worked extensively in the Australian film and television industries, on stage, and on radio. Most recently, he completed work on Jennifer Kent's psychological horror The Babadook, and Kasimir Burgess's directorial feature debut Fell.

    TURN: Washington’s Spies marks Henshall’s first foray into American television.