Cold Storage Webisodes

Chase seeks refuge from a horde of walkers in an abandoned storage facility. However, he soon discovers that he may not be the only survivor left there.

Torn Apart Webisodes

Hannah awakens from a car accident to find her children missing and the entire town in complete chaos.

How Long Would You Survive

Play The Walking Dead survival test to find out how long you’d last in a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead returns February 9, 2014 on AMC.

Q&A – Carrie Cottrill, Owner of The Woodbury Shoppe (a.k.a. The Walking Dead Store)

Carrie Cottrill, the owner of The Woodbury Shoppe, devoted to all things The Walking Dead, talks with about the best-sellers in Senoia, Georgia (a.k.a. Woodbury) and what it’s like when Norman Reedus visits her store. Q: What made you decide to open the shop earlier this year? A: It was the brainchild of Scott Tigchelaar, […]

The Walking Dead Store

Photos of The Walking Dead store (a.k.a. The Woodbury Shoppe).