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Talked About Scene From “Sing Me a Song” — Carl Witnesses Negan Punish a Savior

It’s already been revealed that Dwight’s burned face was a punishment for disobeying Negan. But hearing about the sick forms of punishment used at the Sanctuary is nothing compared to seeing it happen.

That’s what Carl and Daryl witness in this talked about scene from Season 7, Episode7, “Sing Me a Song.”

Watch the Talked About Scene From “Sing Me a Song”

And though Sherry has asked Negan to “go easy” on Mark, who ditched his duties to be with one of Negan’s wives, Mark still has to be punished for breaking the rules.

Carl is ready to kill Negan as is, but now he’s getting another glimpse at what type of man he’s truly up against.

Click here to watch the full scene and see how Carl responds to Negan’s brutal antics.

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