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Relive Episode 511 of The Walking Dead With Story Sync

In last Sunday’s Episode 511 of The Walking Dead, Rick’s group finds a potential new home, Alexandria. 69% of fans said it represents hope at last for the survivors. Feel differently? Browse The Walking Dead Story Sync to cast your vote and interact with more content about the most recent episode: weigh in on Rick’s choices vis a vis Aaron, rate the gore of Glenn’s walker roadkill (42% say Total Bloodbath!), check out the graphic origins of key scenes and find out which character you’re most like based on your responses. You can also watch new video exclusive to Story Sync’s browse mode. This week, check out an instant replay of the road walker herd massacre, watch a sneak peek of next week’s all-new episode and flash back to Michonne’s arrival at another gated community and supposed haven: Woodbury.

Click here to browse Story Sync for Episode 511, “The Distance”

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