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The Walking Dead Social Game – Launches Player Vs. Player and Chapter 3

It’s time: 16 new missions have just been added to AMC’s The Walking Dead Social Game for you to lead your own group of survivors through! When nowhere is safe in Atlanta’s walker-filled wasteland, maybe the sky is the answer. When one of your group locates a small plane you can use to escape, it’s up to you to keep everyone alive long enough to get it fixed… Protect your camp against walkers and the even more dangerous living! Need food and fuel?

Just as Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors recently stormed Woodbury, you too can now raid other players’ camps, sneak past their guards and, if you want, steal some supplies. It’s the latest fun, new feature in the game and here’s how it works: Simply select “Go Raiding” to gain access to another’s stockpile then grab as many goods as you can. Be careful, though. If you’re captured by a guard that another player has posted to protect supplies, you won’t get to keep anything you’d planned on stealing. Try it out.

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