• Warning: Contains Spoilers for Episodes 1-6

    Lucy was an employee at Summakor, working on the Solutions floor where she read reports on people who were under surveillance.

    Lucy was also 4-15, a blind Villager who was engaged to be married to Six.

    Lucy is now deceased.

    In New York, Lucy approaches Michael, who's sitting alone at a diner, and asks to borrow his cell phone. She's lost hers, she claims. They flirt with each other and Michael invites her back to his apartment. There, she admits that she too works at Summakor and asks him to explain why he left the company. "You think you resigned," she tells him. "They still control you."

    Lucy suggests Michael go with her to the Solutions floor to find out what's going on but an irate Michael kicks her out. Later, he finds her unconscious in the hallway. After she wakes, the two kiss.

    In The Village, Lucy is 4-15, a blind woman who is romantically matched to Six through The Village dating service. When Six says he feels that they knew each other in another life, 4-15 dismisses it as romantic fancy.

    Unbeknownst to Six and 4-15, their feelings are being genetically manipulated by Two. In New York, Lucy suspects her passions for Michael are uncharacteristic of her: "It's like the dials are spinning and suddenly I'm letting go," she says. The next morning, Lucy insists they go to Summakor, but Michael just wants to bring her breakfast.

    Six asks 4-15 to marry him; she accepts. But as she pulls up to the Church, 4-15 overhears that Six has been kissing 313. Distraught, she runs to the desert, where Rover attacks her.

    Six runs to the unconscious 4-15. "You're called Lucy," he tells her. "We met in a place called New York." She tries to deny it, but eventually relents: "I'm Lucy," she says. Two brought her to The Village to break Six's heart.

    In The Village, 4-15 jumps into a hole that leads to nothingness. In New York, Michael's apartment explodes – with Lucy inside.

    Before she dies, Lucy records a message for Michael: "Nobody resigns from Summakor," she says. "They're selling tickets for your execution, Michael, but they're calling it a promotion. There is a place – another place. It's where they sent them; it's where they sent me; it's where they sent you. Whatever you do, stay away from Summakor."

  • Hayley Atwell is set to be one of the leading actresses of her generation. She is currently filming Pillars of the Earth based on the Ken Follett novel. In this mini-series written for the BBC, Hayley stars alongside a stellar cast including Eddie Redmayne, Matthew Macfadyen and Rufus Sewell.

    Earlier this year, Atwell appeared on stage in a run of Arthur Miller's modern classic, A View from the Bridge alongside Ken Stott and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Atwell's outstanding performance in the lead role of Catherine earned her rave reviews. Also recently, Atwell co-starred with Ben Wishaw in Love Hate, a short film that was a runner-up in the 2009 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films.

    Last year, Atwell starred alongside Keira Knightly in The Duchess, directed by Saul Dibb and based on the bestselling biography Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman. In this feature film, she played lead character Bess Foster, the Duchess's best friend. Last year, audiences also saw Hayley in Brideshead Revisited, directed by Julian Jarrold, in which she played the lead female role of Julia Flyte.

    In 2007, Atwell appeared in Cassandra's Dream, a satirical thriller directed by Woody Allen, co-starring Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor. Atwell played the character Angela, an ambitious actress whose path crosses that of two brothers who choose to take a risk and venture into crime in order to better their lives. The same year Atwell also appeared in How About You, based on the short story "Hardcore" written by Maeve Binchy. Directed by Anthony Byrne, Atwell starred alongside Vanessa Redgrave, Joss Ackland, Orla Brady and Joan O'Hara.

    On television, Atwell won critical acclaim for her performance in the BBC's The Line of Beauty, an adaptation of Alan Hollinghurst's Booker Prize-winning novel. In a script written by Andrew Davies and directed by Saul Dibb, Atwell played the role of Catherine "Cat" Fedden and starred alongside Dan Stevens and Tim Mclnnerny. Her other television credits include Mansfield Park where she played the role of Mary and co-starred with Billie Piper; Ruby in the Smoke directed by Brian Percival; and Fear of Fanny directed by Coky Giedroyc.

    Besides television and film, Atwell has appeared in many theater roles. At the National Theatre she played Barbara Undershaft in Major Barbara. Her other stage roles include Man of Mode at the National Theatre and directed by Nicholas Hytner; Women Beware Women at the Royal Shakespeare Company and directed by Laurence Boswell; and Prometheus Bound at the Sound Theatre and directed by James Kerr.

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