• WARNING: Contains spoilers for Episode 1

    93 is a Villager who dreams of a life in London. He has a family in The Village, and is friends with 554, a waitress at The Solar Café.

    93 is obsessed with escaping The Village. Fueled by his dreams of a past life – which he memorializes with a sketch of Big Ben stuffed in an empty wine bottle in his apartment – 93 argues that the Villagers are prisoners, and that there is another world outside The Village. Though most discount his claims as the ravings of a drunk, his friend 554 isn't as quick to dismiss him.

    Neither is Six who meets 93 in the desert when the latter is running from armed pursuers. Carried to a cave by Six, 93 instructs Six to "tell them all I got out." Learning that Six is a newcomer, 93 exclaims, "You are a bloody miracle!" 93 dies soon after, breathing his last words, "Be seeing you."

  • John Whitely trained at London's Central School of Speech & Drama alongside Vanessa Redgrave and Judy Dench. His film credits include The Jackals and Cry, the Beloved Country.

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