• WARNING: Contains plot spoilers for Episodes 1-6

    37927 runs The Village Shop, which sells mugs, shirts, and maps of The Village.

    In New York, 37927 is the Access Man who provides Summakor employees with electronic ID badges.

    As the purveyor of The Village Shop, 37927 has a couple of run-ins with Six. The first occurs when Six comes to the store in search of a map of the surrounding area. The shopkeeper laughs,"You crack me up, Six," since all his maps are strictly of The Village proper.

    Their second encounter takes place after Six finds a receipt to The Village Shop in his own ransacked apartment. "If you tell me what this receipt is for," Six says, "I'll leave you alone." "Anyone can fake a receipt," the shopkeeper replies before adding, "I don't sell knives." After Six leaves the shop, 37927 phones The Clinic.

    37927 also crosses paths with Two's alter ego Untwo when the latter comes into the Shop to buy cigarettes. "I didn't supply you with these cigarettes," 37927 states, explaining that people in The Village are quick to turn informant. Aftewards, 37927 again calls the Clinic.

    In New York, Michael asks the Access Man for a pass to the restricted Purpose floor. Inspired by a flash of memory that connects the Access Man to The Village shopkeeper, Michael predicts the Access Man's next sentence. Impressed, the Access Man takes Michael to the Purpose floor, where he discovers that he is one of the people on whom Michael has been spying.

    In The Village, 37927 is apprehended as a Two impersonator and take to The Clinic.

  • David Butler trained to be an actor at University of Cape Town, South Africa. On television he has been seen in Egoli, The Game, To the Ends of the Earth, and the Scifi Channel miniseries The Triangle. He also has a recurring role in the South African hit series Soul City. He has appeared in numerous films, including Zulu Love Letter.

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