• WARNING: Contains plot spoilers for Episodes 1-2

    16 works as a guide at The Village's Escape Sightseeing Bus Tour. He lives with his wife, 80-88, and their two children.

    A devout family man, 16 is introduced to Six as his brother. When Six denies their relation, 16 shows him photos from their childhood. "We just want you back the way you were," 16 says.

    16 seems genuinely interested in having Six accept The Village. He takes Six with him to work where Six drives the tour bus while 16 points out Village landmarks. Sightseeing in the desert one day, Six pulls over to inspect an anchor submerged in sand. "It's a desert folly," 16 asserts.

    Later, 16 takes Six to The Ruins, an abandoned train station. "We came here every day when we were kids," 16 claims. "We used to call it the edge of the world."

    In truth, 16 is being forced to pretend that he's Six's brother, a fact he confesses when his family is driving with Six to The Village's Escape Resort. At the Resort, 16 tells Six that they're being watched, and asks Six for help escaping to the "Other Place."

    16 and Six search for the ocean. When they find it, 16 runs into the water where moments later, Rover attacks and kills him.

  • Jeffrey R. Smith has previously appeared in The Boondock Saints, Firehouse Dog and The Big 1-0. He also starred in the 2003 television pilot Deathlands alongside Traci Lords.

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