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NY Post Checks Out Season 2 Premiere; Michael Kotsohilis on Playing Capone

This week, the New York Post checks out the Season 2 premiere. Plus, Michael Kotsohilis talks about portraying Al Capone. Read on for more:

• The New York Post takes a look at the Season 2 premiere and notes the origins of Al Capone’s nickname, Scarface, is “one of the many incidents in Capone’s early New York days that are depicted in AMC’s The Making of the Mob.”

WGN Radio interviews Michael Kotsohilis about playing Al Capone, and he says, “I wanted to really show how he evolved and his real change from a young man into this cold-blooded killer.”

• Previewing The Making of the Mob: Chicago, The Huffington Post says Al Capone is “played well and at times subtly by Michael Kotsohilis.”

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