• Senator Eaton is Gwen Eaton's father. After polls show Darren Richmond losing support in the mayoral race because of Rosie Larsen's murder, the senator suggests that it might be time his daughter admitted betting "on the wrong horse." Gwen deflects the criticism and asks Senator Eaton to arrange a meeting with Tom Drexler, a wealthy entrepreneur known for hating Mayor Adams, hoping he'll finance a media blitz to repair the damage. The senator praises his daughter for approaching Drexler despite Richmond's reservations (and specific order not to), but chides her for sleeping with her candidate. When Gwen temporarily takes a job in Washington D.C., he is delighted to have his daughter at his side again. He later assists the Larsen investigation by helping Linden obtain a search warrant for the Wapi Casino.

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  • Alan Dale was a series regular on the hit ABC series Lost, playing "Charles Widmore." Dale previously had memorable roles on shows including 24, The O.C. and Ugly Betty. He has also been seen on Flight of the Conchords, Entourage, Law & Order: SVU, and many more. On the film side, Dale has been seen as one of the priests in the Screen Gems feature Priest, had a large supporting role in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark opposite Katie Holmes, and played Gael Garcia Bernal's mentor in A Little Bit of Heaven, opposite Kate Hudson.

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