Lyndon J. Rosales

  • Lyndon Johnson Rosales is the janitor at Fort Washington High School. He successfully concealed his prior convictions for indecent exposure (in front of teenage girls) and what Holder describes as "kid tiddlin'" from the school administration. As the only person besides Principal Meyers with a key to the room adjoining The Cage, he briefly becomes a suspect in the Larsen case when Sarah discovers a peephole in the wall that provides a full view of the party palace. However, Rosales has an alibi: he spent the weekend in the drunk tank. When Sarah and Holder visit Rosales' apartment to question him, Rosales attacks Sarah with a knife and then leaps out a three-story window, landing on a car and fracturing his skull. At the hospital, Sarah gets a morphine-addled Rosales to confirm seeing Rosie (but not Jasper Ames) in The Cage on the night of the Halloween dance. Rosales also points to a picture of Kris Echols and says "El diablo."

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