Dominic Monaghan on What It’s Like to Encounter LOTR and Lost Superfans

Posted by Shavonne Bell on August 28, 2017

Everybody loves The Lord of the Rings, but not everybody loves it enough to try and “do” the whole fellowship.

In Episode 14 of Talking With Chris Hardwick, LOTR‘s Dominic Monaghan tells Chris about fans with hobbit fetishes and the lengths they go to in order to fulfill their wildest fantasies.

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Middle Earth isn’t the only pop culture phenomenon on the table when Monaghan sits down with Hardwick: The star of Lost also chats about what his life would be like if the iconic series aired in 2017.

Plus, the actor dishes on his show Wild Things and his new movie Atomica.

Watch now to see the full interview and hear questions from the studio audience.

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