The Belly of the Beast, Episode 7

The Belly of the Beast

The guards go on a training mission overnight in a cave; Joan addresses her bad diet habits.

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Full Recap

At JJK Security, Dennis readies for an overnight caving expedition with his officers, but worries about leaving Joan. He puts Brian in charge of the Chief, and heads off to teach his officers to deal with fear. Inside the caves, he tests the officers by asking them to crawl through small spaces then pretends to have a meltdown himself. One of his officers, Taylor, takes charge of the situation, to Dennis's great pleasure. They camp deep within the caves and discuss their fears. Dennis admits his fear is being away from Chief.

Meanwhile, Irwin and Brian tend to Joan, who has been diagnosed with diabetes. Brian aims to change her diet, and he and Irwin throw away unhealthy food from the Koplans' refrigerator. He then cooks Joan a meal of chicken, broccoli and quinoa, which she refuses to eat. Later, at JJK, Christa brings Joan a kale and seaweed juice, which she also finds repulsive. When Dennis arrives home from his trip, he finds Brian and Irwin in the midst of cleaning out the office fridge and ignoring Joan's demands for her usual snacks. Initially, he wants to bring her candy as usual, but realizes he needs to overcome his fear of disappointing her and deny her what she wants for her own good.