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Which of Don’s Women Are You? The Results Are In!

By now you’ve probably played the Which of Don’s Women Are You Game (more than once, in some cases), so you know who you’d be in a world full of potential Megans, Bettys and Bobbies. But who are the other women are out there vying for Don’s attention? has pored over the results to present you, the Mad Men community, with your group personality profile:

1. Suzanne – 21.4%
2. Megan – 19.1%
3. Rachel – 16.9%
4. Faye – 12.9%
5. Bobbie – 6.0%
6. Betty – 5.6%
7. Shelly – 5.3%
8. Midge – 5.2%
9. Anna – 4.4%
10. Allison – 3.1%

With a close race for the most frequently delivered result, it seems like fans are split between idealism, youth, and business. Play the Which of Don’s Women Are You Game again and see who you’d be the second time around.


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