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What You’re Saying About the Music of Mad Men Season 4


Every week, honors the Talk forum and blog commenters by quoting them in the weekly “What You’re Saying” post, then awarding those who have commented as registered users prizes like a Mad Men poster or t-shirt (limit one per person).

This week released the Mad Men Season 4 music list which includes period classics such as “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” “Trust in Me,” “Hot Dog, Here He Comes,” and many other feel-good ’60s hits. Mad Men fans agree: The show’s soundtrack not only adds authenticity but has developed into an integral part of the show. Read below to see what Maddicts are saying about the music of Season 4 then weigh in on your favorite in the comments section below.

• “I liked “Bleecker Street” by Simon and Garfunkel; it played at the end of “The Suitcase” episode.” — Pamela Kavka

• “The music is the one of the best parts of this show. Music had changed dramatically from 1960 until the end of the decade.” — Kara Nicol Lohrmann

•”I actually enjoy the songs on “Mad Men” more when they’re songs that are rarely heard nowadays…like, say, “Tobacco Road” from the first episode.”– Dairl Helmer

• “Excellent… one of the Best Shows to come out of US, the music is brilliantly placed.”– Carla LTapia

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