• The Widow has always seen herself as a reformer and revolutionary.  But her noble intentions have always been executed with deadly force.  She has recovered from her near-fatal wound, rededicated herself to her daughter, Tilda -- promoting her to Regent -- and opened her Sanctuary to oppressed women and cogs looking to escape the horrors of the other barons.  She truly believes that she can bring peace and equality to the Badlands.  However, when the other barons try to thwart this dream, she embarks on a course of action that could irrevocably compromise not only her noble intentions but also her relationship with her daughter.

  • Emily Beecham will soon be seen as the titular character in the feature film Daphne, and most recently appeared in the Coen Brothers' film Hail, Caesar!

    Originally from Manchester, England, Emily has worked extensively in television, most recently on The Village, and The Thirteenth Tale, as well as Afterlife, Bon Voyage, Agatha Christie's Marple, The Innocence Project, Party Animals, New Tricks, Tess D'Ubervilled, Unforgiven, The Street, Silent Witness, Pulse, The Runaway, Case Sensitive, Damages, The Fear, Blandings and The Musketeers.