• When we first met Sunny, he was an emotional and spiritual slave to Quinn. He killed indiscriminately and without remorse. At the beginning of Season 2, his shackles have become real, and he is forced to fight his way out of a mining prison beyond the Badlands. Sunny has one goal: to get back to Veil and the baby, who he hopes are alive. But once he escapes and begins his epic journey back into the Badlands, he's challenged to weigh his killer instincts against a spiritual awakening.

  • Daniel Wu is a Hong Kong-based, Chinese-American actor, director and producer. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in architecture, he moved to Hong Kong in 1997 to witness the transfer of the territory's sovereignty from the United Kingdom to China. While there, he was scouted into acting in a commercial and then scouted by another as the star in a feature film. Wu fell in love with acting and landed his very first professional roles in 1998 in a trio of Chinese-language features, most notably in City of Glass (Boli zhi cheng), for which he earned the first of four Hong Kong Film Award nominations, as Best New Performer.

    Since the auspicious 1998 movie debut, Wu has been featured in over sixty films, with his breakout role in Benny Chan's Gen-X Cops (1999). He received two more Hong Kong Film Award nominations in 2005, for Best Actor in One Night in Mongkok (Wong gok hak yau) and Best Supporting Actor (alongside boyhood idol Jackie Chan) in New Police Story (San ging caat goo si), a role that also brought him Taiwan's Golden Horse Award as Best Supporting Actor. He also won the prestigious Hong Kong prize as Best Director for his 2006 feature, The Heavenly Kings (Sei dai tinwong).

    His string of international film hits includes Night Corridor (2003, Best Actor nomination at Taiwan's 40th Golden Horse Awards), Frank Coraci's 2004 remake of Around the World in 80 Days (again appearing with Chan), Blood Brothers (2007), Overheard (2009), Overheard 2 (2011), Like a Dream (Ru meng, 2009, Golden Horse Award nomination), Quentin Tarantino's presentation of The Man With the Iron Fists (2012), Europa Report (2013), Jackie Chan's Chinese Zodiac (2012) and, most recently, Duncan Jones' sci-fi adventure, Warcraft (2016).