Michael Taylor – Executive Producer/Writer

  • Michael Taylor began his television career as a writer for the Star Trek series Deep Space Nine and Voyager. He subsequently was a writer/producer on the USA series The Dead Zone, based on the Steven King novel. After five seasons on The Dead Zone, Taylor joined the Syfy channel’s Battlestar Galactica as a co-executive producer and wrote the Battlestar TV movie, Razor. When Battlestar ended its four-season run, he became a writer/co-executive producer on its spin-off, Caprica, as well as a writer/executive producer of the FOX pilot/TV movie, Virtuality. Taylor also served as executive producer and co-creator of the Syfy series Defiance, and executive produced and wrote the Battlestar prequel web series and TV movie, Blood & Chrome.

    More recently, Taylor took a “turn” from science fiction to historical fiction as an executive producer on the AMC series, TURN: Washington’s Spies, now in pre-production for its fourth and final season. His between-seasons journey into the apocalyptic, kung-fu-filled future of Into the Badlands was another rewarding experience, especially as a longtime fan of both speculative fiction and the Hong Kong martial-arts grindhouse movies of his happily misspent youth.

    Taylor’s work has been nominated several times for both Hugo and Nebula Awards. He won a Peabody Award as part of the writing staff of Battlestar Galactica and a webisode series he wrote, Battlestar Galactica: Razor Flashbacks, garnered an Emmy® Award for Best Short Format Live-Action Entertainment Program.

    A Yale graduate, Taylor had a varied career prior to writing for television, including working as a newspaper and magazine reporter and as a musician in a New York rock band. In his spare time, he continues to rock with a cover band of fellow writers, the aptly-named Trainwreck.