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Synth-Etiquette Advice Column – Synths Are Taking Our Jobs!


Dear Synthia,

Almost every day, my boss tells me a Synth could do my job ten times better than me. The real trouble is, I worry he’s right! Synths don’t need lunch breaks or reminders about assignments; they don’t have commutes or families. Does he have a point? Are Synths making me, well, redundant?

– Human Error in Housten

Dear Human Error,

Of course not! How long has this been going on? It’s quite telling your boss has been threatening to replace you, but hasn’t gone through with it. It seems your problem might be an overbearing manager, not a Synthetic. Like any new technology, Synths are prone to being used for scaremongering tactics – and by bullies with ulterior motives. The fact is, automation has been affecting human work since the Industrial Revolution – and we’re still doing okay! You should take control. Consider freshening up that resume — and if you land a new job at one of the many firms that already employ Synthetics, you’ll never hear that hollow threat again!


P.S. It’s spelled Houston 🙂

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