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Deadline Calls Hell on Wheels Leader in Western TV; Hollywood Reporter ‘Wild for Westerns’


Deadline Hollywood proclaims a “TV renaissance” for Westerns is occurring, which they credit to Hell on Wheels. The Hollywood Reporter agrees. Read on for more.

Deadline Hollywood recognizes Hell on Wheels as starting a new trend of Western television. praises Hell on Wheels as a showcase of an American “East meets West” story and includes a behind the scenes video.

The Hollywood Reporter says Hell on Wheels “leads TV’s wild for Western trend.”

Variety and The Hollywood Reporter both highlight AMC’s plans to launch Hell on Wheels in November.

According to Multichannel News, Hell on Wheels has made the Westerns genre more appealing to younger audiences because of its “contemporary drama feel.” is excited to watch Anson Mount seek revenge in Hell on Wheels. focuses on former rapper-turned-actor Common who plays the freed slave Elam in Hell on Wheels.

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