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Today, Entertainment Tonight, Yahoo! Highlight Members of the Freakshow Cast

This week, TODAY, Entertainment Tonight, Yahoo! and others highlight members of the Freakshow cast. Plus, IGN and The Mary Sue highlight members of the Immortalized cast. Read on for more:

TODAY profiles Freakshow‘s Amazing Ali, who considers the word “freak” to be a compliment.

Entertainment Tonight introduces Todd Ray’s daughter, Asia, a contortionist, fire eater and electricity conductor.

Yahoo! profiles Freakshow‘s Todd Ray, the owner and operator of the Venice Beach Freakshow.

IMDb offers a featurette of Freakshow‘s Mystic.

TVLine presents a look at Brianna Belladonna, a member of the Freakshow family who “doesn’t even use the world normal anymore.” introduces Freakshow‘s Creature, “the world’s most tattooed, modified person.”

Celebuzz takes a look at Morgue, a Freakshow denizen who shows the “weirder, darker side of the Freakshow.” features George Bell, another member of the Freakshow cast and, at 7’8″, one of the tallest men in America.

IGN watches Immortalized‘s Takeshi Yamada unveil the world of “rogue taxidermy.”

The Mary Sue highlights Immortalized‘s Beth Beverly, an expert taxidermist who calls her work “wearable art.”

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