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USA Today Intrigued By AMC’s New Original Series Freakshow and Immortalized


This week, USA Today previews AMC’s new original series Freakshow and Immortalized. Plus Freakshow‘s Asia Ray impresses on Anderson Live. Read on for more:

USA Today is intrigued by Freakshow and Immortalized and also highlights AMC’s Immortalized “Mount Me” app where users can mount their heads like a taxidermist might.

Freakshow‘s Asia Ray impresses Anderson Cooper and the Anderson Live studio audience with her fire-eating and “Rubber Girl” skills.

Yahoo! TV highlights Immortalized:
“If you think that taxidermy is only about stuffed moose heads on
mountain-lodge walls and creepy cat ladies who can’t let go, you’re in
for a surprise.”

AZ Central touts Immortalized‘s Paul Rhymer, a wildlife sculptor who’s “making taxidermy cool.”

Gotham Gazette, Guest of a Guest and New York Masterplanner all featured AMC’s Immortal Love Pop-up Experience.

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