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Indiewire Interviews David Schwimmer; Jim Sturgess Visits The Chew

This week, Indiewire interviews David Schwimmer. Plus, Jim Sturgess and Schwimmer visit ABC’s The Chew. Read on for more:

• David Schwimmer talks to Indiewire about playing Tommy, saying, “I just really like that story and the idea of a broken guy who’s trying to pick himself up and put the pieces back together.”

• On ABC’s The Chew, Jim Sturgess relates that he enrolled in a school that was about “learning the choreography of being a chef rather than learning particular ingredients and recipes. It was more about how a chef maneuvers around a kitchen.”

• For recaps and reviews of Season 1, Episode 4, “Secret Sauce,” check out BuddyTV, Entertainment Weekly and TV Fanatic.

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