• Alicia matured in Season 2, and she and her mother became closer than ever before. Nick is not a challenge for her mother's love anymore, and that has given Alicia a sense of purpose and confidence. In the apocalypse, swift action can mean life or death – yours or someone else’s. Alicia has also now taken a life, the one thing Madison never wanted or expected she would do, but in some respects it tragically bonds Madison and Alicia. Shaken after murdering Andres to defend Travis, Alicia has lost her future and needs someone or something to blame. If she finds that person or thing, then maybe she can rationalize what she’s done.

  • An Australian native who made her feature film debut in Rachel Ward’s Martha’s New Coat, Alycia Debnam-Carey recently starred alongside Rufus Sewell in the thriller The Devil’s Hand and in the action thriller Into the Storm with Richard Armitage. She has also appeared in such short films as Jigsaw Girl, At the Tattooist and The Branch. Debnam-Carey will star in the upcoming Warner Bros. Germany feature film Unfriend.

    On the small screen, Debnam-Carey is currently starring in the AMC series Fear the Walking Dead, the official companion series to The Walking Dead. She portrayed Lexa in the second season of the CW’s The 100 and reprised her role in Season 3. Among her TV credits are roles in the popular series McLeod’s Daughters and Dance Academy, and she appeared in the telefilm Dream Life.

    Alycia was a runner up in the 2012 Heath Ledger Scholarship, touting Australia's new young talent, and was recently named One of the Actors to Watch in the Australians in Film trade magazine.

    Debnam-Carey currently resides in Los Angeles.