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Season 3, Episode 12

Trivia Chew-Off

Bored, Walt quizzes the guys on comic book trivia; a customer sells a Hellboy prop replica.

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On a slow day at the store, Walt recruits Bryan, Mike and Ming to play a game of comic book trivia with a twist: Walt asks questions, and if someone answers incorrectly, they have to chew an old gumball. The loser will be whoever taps out first, or whoever's answer Walt can't understand because their mouth is too full. To start Mike correctly answers a Superboy question and Bryan a Captain Marvel question, but Ming can't name Dr. Strange's manservant. After several more rounds, Ming still hasn't gotten a question right, and after failing to name The Werewolf by Night's true identity, he taps out. Separately, a couple buys The Amazing Spider-Man #238 and gets a lower price by trading two sealed Batman boxes with mystery contents. Walt is disappointed when the boxes contain a Catwoman action figure and another figure he can't even identify. On another occasion, Walt purchases a replica of Hellboy's gun "The Samaritan."